2017-09-28 21:09:56 by juliancapo

WARNING: the following post contains a lot of information on what happend to me during these months ive been inactive, you can say whatever you want about it but if you dont care just go wacht something else.


Happy late madness day........

I don´t really have something prepared at all.

I´ll just leave these clips that were supossed to be in one of Dyera´s collabs but for some reason he didnt use them, even after he promise to reupload the collab with them in it...



Anyway, Im tired of fandoms and comunities they are all shitty. That plus me not being able to touch my computer for over 4 months is the reason Ive been quite inactive (not to mention lack of motivation and the fact that im really busy with high school).

Dont expect too much from me as im still busy with everything, but I´ll still try to upload something sooner or later...Bye.

btw, My english sucks... Oh and Im working on Incident 0o2b

Random Post...

2017-04-30 16:11:11 by juliancapo

Just going to say that I made a Grenade Launcher and its really cool looking. Should you care? not really, that´s why this is random.




dbz random bs

2017-04-22 23:08:55 by juliancapo

I dont want to animate madness anymore(or at least for a short period of time), dont know if it is for my lack of motivation or the terrible comunity around it. Anyway here you can see a piece of shit video that took me an entire day.





Update+Sprite Links

2017-04-19 19:49:17 by juliancapo


Before I start, I want to thank everyone who wants or cares to read this.


Life can be really shitty sometimes, especially when you dont know what your purpose is and if its worth living. But I had enought depressing posts uploaded here on ng, so I decided to update my hole page. This includes links to my "OC" custom Sprites and my custom madness sprites.


I´ve been really busy with my life as a hole, the fact that im still in high school doesnt helps much either but I still manage to find some free time. 

I ran out of motivation to animate madness, Im not patient enought to do something good. So Im making something else in the meantime.

Here you can see a bit of my progress......(dont want to show the full pic yet, srry)3934107_149264550841_whatever.png